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Dizziness / Vertigo / Lightheadedness / Abnormal Gait /

Tinnitus / Falls / Motion Sickness

Board Certified Neurologist
State of the art Vestibular Testing
Doctor of Vestibular Physical Therapy
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Rejean Pierre
I’ve been dealing with balance problems for months. One trip to BDC and we were able to figure out what the issue was. The staff are very friendly and super nice. They provide absolutely great care from the moment you walk in. I’m very proud of myself for choosing BDC and I guarantee you will be too.
Zhuting C
I had to revisit the doctor this spring (2023). I was again received by a professional, courteous and supportive team who gave me a full set of tests that were arranged in a smooth way and logical order. They put me in touch with a therapy facility, which offers me treatments that are improving my symptoms. Both the doctor's office and the therapy facility are clean and well-organized with short wait time. I am grateful for the support! Post from 2021: Friendly, considerate, accommodating and responsive staff. Clean and organized office space. Short wait time. Experienced doctor. Comprehensive and thorough tests. Professional therapist. Grateful for the pleasant visits and responsible treatments.
Bhavna Patel
Excellent services beginning with a Neurologist and all the fully informed and trained technicians. I took my father who had bad dizziness and vertigo. My father and my self were fully fully satisfied with all tests and diagnosis. Thank you so so much the entire staff at BDC. God Bless you all.
Abel Blanco
I recently visited the Balance and Dizziness Center and had an excellent experience. The staff was incredibly kind and had exceptional bedside manner, making me feel comfortable throughout my entire visit. I was impressed by their knowledge and expertise in treating dizziness and balance issues. They took the time to thoroughly evaluate my symptoms and provide me with personalized recommendations for treatment. I would highly recommend this center to anyone who is experiencing similar concerns. Overall, my experience was top-notch, and I would give them a 100% recommendation. Thank you to the entire team for their exceptional care!
Jo Rich
Nothing less than 5 stars, worth the trip from staten island. Curious extremely knowledgeable professionals. If you suffer from vertigo,balance, light headdress thus is the place.
Allison Voxakis
From the moment I walked in to the second I left everyone was exceptionally friendly. The care I received I felt very assured that I was going to be ok. If you are having any issues with dizziness or balance this is the place to go.
Jrod 4 God
If you suffer from balance/dizziness issues, look no further! This place is top notch. And the staff are all so nice and welcoming. They make you feel at home and they answered all my questions thoroughly. Maria the audiologist was very professional and knowledgeable on my condition. Galina went above and beyond to help me! Highly recommended the balance and dizziness center!
Liudmila Mikhaylova
I highly recommend to everyone Balance and Dizziness Center. This please has a wonderful team of professionals helped me pass all the tests and understand the cause of vertigo. Very modern center with friendly staff.
Paul Cortes
Highly recommend!!! The staff @ BDC was very welcoming & professional. They performed extensive testing on me to not only find my issue but rule out other issues that I was also concerned about. I’ve been dealing with dizziness, head pain, headaches & lightheadedness ever since I had my first spinal fusion 7yrs ago. It’s been an ongoing battle without any diagnosis. They have instructed me on what is causing my issues & helped guide me to create a plan to get myself back to normal. I’m very thankful to have found them.
John Paul Red
The Doctor and staff are highly professional, approachable, listens and responds to your questions and inquiries. They give a detailed explanation of the procedure involve and don't rush with the procedure.

Neurological Disorders


Muscle Weakness


Loss of taste or smell


Nerve Damage


Cognitive Impairment


Sense of Fatigue


Brain Fog


Post Covid Complications

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Balance and Dizziness center brings together only the best from each specialty field. From diagnostic to treatment, our experienced experts on balance and dizziness will do their best to help you.

Latest Techniques

Balance and Dizziness Center brings the state of the art technology from each of the specialties in the medical field. We also keep up to date with the latest news in dizziness and balance treatments.

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Korean, English, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Spanish

Michael Heublum, M.D.

Michael Heublum is a skilled and qualified neurologist serving the community of New York.

Dr. Galina Shenfeld

Galina Shenfeld is CEO and founder of Balance and Dizziness Center. 

David V. Goldman MSPT

David Goldman is the founder of Goldman Physical Therapy, and is currently the Clinical Director at the Englewood, NJ office located at THE GYM. 

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