Dr. Michael Heublum - MD
Rashmi Hunswadkar
Dr. and staff are Excellent. The whole team is professional, patient and empathetic. Evaluation and procedures done are explained in detail for better understanding of patient. Absolute Transparency maintained with every aspect. Highly recommended place for Patient with Dizziness and vestibular issues
Andrew Goree
If you’re dizzy and constantly being told “I don’t know” by doctors, then look no further! Absolutely amazing practice, they explained everything done to me like I was 5 and made it easy to understand. I’m greatly appreciative of them and how they handled my situation. I truly am grateful of each person in this building! Thank you so much for your help!!
black beaty
The best place ever. Dr. And staff excellent. Makes you feel like family. Everything is done in one spot. Oh and if you love purple like I do. You are in for a treat. Lots of purple aroundtth. I recommend this facility and I’m also lett my ent and primary care dr. About. it. Best place ever. This is my second review. Today was basically my last day with this facility I actually cried. After weeks of test and diagnosis it broke my heart to leave. Anyone having balance or dizziness problems you will be at the right place. Very family oriented. Good luck great people I will miss you all. Came back again for testing. This place is the best. The staff. The technicians. Dr Gealina Is just amazing only place I will go. Love you all
Sheri C
I've been dealing with dizziness and headache for months and they were VERY thorough with diagnosis and treatment! Staff was all very friendly and professional too 🙂
Svetlana Ace
After long time looking for a good specialist to treat my dizziness I finally found Center that addressed all my questions and concerns .
Melissa Toubin
The staff here was so pleasant and friendly. The evaluation I received was VERY thorough. I was extremely pleased about that. Before coming here, I felt hopeless after leaving other doctor's offices without any answers or course of treatment. The wonderful staff at BDC explained each step in the process to me and suggested a 4 phase treatment plan to get rid of my vertigo once and for all. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!
Lana M
Very professional, prompt, and attentive service. Also super helpful in finding cost-effective/in-network further testing. Thanks!
Jill Fried
Took mom here and couldn’t be happier with the professionalism of the doctor and staff! Her original appointment and follow up were both thorough and efficient. The office is so clean and bright too!
David Saxe
They are very thorough in diagnosing problem. Very efficient and very pleasant. Would recommend them highly!
Zhuting C
Friendly, considerate, accommodating and responsive staff. Clean and organized office space. Short wait time. Experienced doctor. Comprehensive and thorough tests. Professional therapist. Grateful for the pleasant visits and responsible treatments.